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Yoghurt and (Wild)Strawberry POPSICLES

I remember Poland…….long walks with my lovely friend, walks among beautiful fields covered with tall, colourful lupins, shiny golden grasses and mesmerising bluebells. I remember our giggles, loud laughs and grasshopper’s chirps in the background. I remember the smell of the forest and wild flower, that we would pick to slip them into our tangled by wind hair. I didn’t realized then how lovely it was to live so close to nature. It was ”normal” and I didn’t know it could be different.
We would find a wild strawberry field with the sweetest fruit I’d ever eaten…There would be so many of the little,red beads that none of us could eat them at once.We would pick tall blades of grasses and string the fruits on them, one by one. We would carry about 10 or more grasses with wild berries, eating some on our way back and saving some for our mums….I sometimes do it in my garden smiling to myself in a memory of those beautiful days 🙂


for around 12 small moulds

400 ml natural Greek style yoghurt
2 tbsp honey
250g strawberries(I used some wild strawberries too) + around 6 strawberries, chopped

1.Mix yoghurt and honey in a blender until smooth. Pour it into a separate bowl or jug and then add strawberries to the blender(no need to clean it) together with the remaining yogurt and mix until smooth. (I pulsed it first).
2.Pour the strawberries puree into the popsicle moulds filling about 1/2 of the mould. Slowly pour the yoghurt mixture(you can do it using a spoon).Don’t worry if it mixes together- it will look even more attractive 🙂
3. Drop a few strawberry pieces into each mould and don’t forget to insert the popsicle sticks 🙂 4.Freeze for 4 – 5 hours.


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