Bea’s Mulled CIDER

Why is everyone so anxious about turning 30?Honestly!I’ve watched my friends getting panic attacks before the BIG ”three-o” birthday, totally dreading that moment when they stop being 20-something…like the fun of life ends after you reach the third decade.
I think the whole world go a little(ok,a lot!) overboard with the cult of youth and I can’t understand why being younger is perceived to be somehow better that being older.(???)
So,for the past year I’ve been experiencing a very strangeย phenomenon.No one had ever reacted unusually about how old I was,whether I was 10,17 or 28.But I suddenly noticed the difference when I would say to people that I’m 30 this November…..”ohh 3o!!!” That’s how everyone reacts.What is more,I can see ‘I’m so sorry to hear that’ look on people’s faces followed by comments like “Still,no babies!?”, “Join the old gang”, ”It’s not so much fun any more”,or my favourite “Time to invest in a good anti-wrinkle cream”.

And here is what I have to say:I really can’t wait to be 30!I truly mean it!

I feel, that until now, my life was like Spring,that I was slowly waking up,absorbing things around me,sprawling my wings and NOW I’m finally ready to fly!Ready to enjoy the Summer and live my life to the fullest!

Sure, getting older is weird…..that feeling when you discover that your parents were right….99% of the times…that’s weird.And when suddenly your favourite way to celebrate Friday evenings is to have a long bath,get into pyjamas and sip warm tea…that’s even weirder.Or when you spend more money on good quality ”cotton-rich” lounge pants than on high heels!Who would’ve imagined?Not to mention that it takes a week to regenerate after a hangover!!!

But getting older is also a wonderful experience,and so liberating,like when you realize that you don’t need to fit in and be the person everyone expect you to be.You can just be yourself.(woo-hoo!)You start to accept your imperfections and fall in love with the freckles, that you used to hate so much.You discover the powers you have inside of yourself and realize you can do absolutely everything if you only believe you can.(So simple!And I’m sure my dad mentioned it to me before!)The possibilities are endless and everyday brings a new lesson.A new adventure.
What is there not to be excited about?I’m so excited about everything!

So,I’m raising my glass to those born in 1985 and to all of you!Let’s celebrate life!!!<3

Have you ever tried mulled cider?I can’t believe I only discovered it recently!(oh,all this new things you discover while you get older ;)) It tastes like Autumn and is full of my favourite flavours!Apples,cinnamon,cloves,orange,honey and some % of course too ๐Ÿ˜‰ A perfect drink to celebrate with during those colder days,whether it’s a Birthday,Bonfire Night,or just a quite and cosy evening ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

3 bb



for 2 drinks


500ml dry cider(I like medium)
1 small apple,cut into 8 parts
2 cinnamon sticks
2 pinches of cinnamon
10 cloves
1 tablespoon of honey or unrefined cane sugar
parted or grated zest of half an orange


Mix the ingredients in a medium saucepan(you can even do this up to 12 hour before,for the flavours to mix),stir over a low heat for around 5-10.Don’t boil.Serve warm.

TIP:For kids and drivers you can swap cider for a fresh apple juice,and without adding honey or sugar ๐Ÿ˜‰