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Raspberry trifle

Should I be worried about myself?Talking specifically….. about the way I feel about the food. I get so super excited that I just want to tell my family, friends, neighbours, that man walking the dog every morning on my road, kids playing in the park, everyone on facebook, twitter, instagram……about that delicious something I’ve just eaten. What is more, I go shopping and I feel like shouting to everybody in Sainsbury’s to buy the ingredients for that amazing dish I’ve tried. I’ve got this urge to share the food I love, to share my passion!Please tell me I’m not just the freakiest freak in the world and some of you feel the same!

Last weekend I went to my favourite garden centre, wandering around the narrow paths I spotted  few raspberry bushes on one side. There was quite a lot of ripe fruits on their branches….ok….I looked around….nobody’s about…I know it’s wrong…….I don’t care…..I’m gonna just have one…..Felt like a criminal for a sec but as soon as I tried it I thought ”I’m in heaven- raspberry’s heaven”. I felt like shouting to people ”Guys,come here, you must try this raspberries!Everyone!You must buy this raspberry bush!!!”.(I would’ve probably been writing to you from a mental hospital if my common sense hadn’t stopped me). I just like to share with what I love 🙂 It’s not a crime is it?

So now everyone, for raspberries off you go!!!!We gonna make some awesome trifles!

1 packet clear raspberry jelly (mine was 75g)
150 g raspberries + few wild strawberries or other fruit if you wish
for custard cream:
500ml milk(of your choice)(best – room temperature)
1 tbsp butter
vanilla seeds, scraped from 1 pod
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp flour
2 egg yolks
1. Prepare the jelly with the instructions on the packet.Cool down but make sure it doesn’t thicken. Place few (3-4) raspberries in each glass and pour  jelly over them so it fills about half of the glass. Place in the fridge to settle.
2. Custard: Put a medium pan over a small heat. Add 300ml milk, vanilla seeds, butter and sugar.(don’t let it boil) In a separate bowl mix well the remaining milk with egg yolks and flour. Pour the mixture into the pan and bring it to boil, mixing all the time as it thickens. Leave it to cool down.
3.Spoon the custard over the jelly, squash few raspberries using the fork and spoon it over the custard and decorate with couple of fresh fruits.

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