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I must be barmy to serve you an iced coffee on a freezing cold Friday evening. It’s 13C here and I’m snuggled under my quilt while writing this post(brrrrr).Why haven’t I made something warming,you probably think?
Before I entered the bloging world, I mainly derived my cooking inspiration from the cookbooks I own, magazines, family and friends. It was enough and there have always been something new to try.
These days, I travel a lot on daily basisc, I eat breakfast with Marta from What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today in Berlin, before the midday I pop in to see Molly form My name is yeh in North Dakota, scoff lunch with Sarah from New Roots in Copenhagen, drink afternoon tea with  David and Louise from Green Kitchen Stories in Stockholm, and fly to San Francisco in the evening to meet up with Heidi from 101 Cookbooks. Yes, I’m very busy lady 🙂 Everyday is a different story, everyday there is lots of new inspirations. My notebook is bursting at the seams with the new recipes I want to try and the list is getting longer and longer…..unfortunately my day isn’t 🙂
I spotted this recipe for an iced coffee at Marta’s blog – What Should I eat for Breakfast Today and I’ve been craving it ever since.I couldn’t wait till next year to try it even if it meant teeth chattering!Just added some cinnamon… And you know what?I loved it!!!
coffee (freshy ground)
milk(of your choice)
pinch or two of cinnamon
honey or brown sugar(optional)


Brew your coffee, as you like it, add cinnamon, sweeten it with some honey or brown sugar if you like. Put it on the side and let it cool down. Pour it in an ice form and freeze. Place coffee cubes in a cup and pour cold milk over it.

Enjoy x


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