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Be part of something EXTRAORDINARY
Feed all of your senses
& Immerse yourself in the incredible world of food and photography


Two INSPIRATIONAL days, packed with game-changing food photography *secrets*.
Learning how to create jaw-droppingly gorgeous images that will stand out from the crowd, connect your audience with your unique story & win the clients.  Yes! Trust me – with a little guidance – you can create magic! And we will be there by your side, sharing what we have learnt from years working as professional photographers.
Imagine spending time in a supportive group of  like minded creatives, who just like you would’t think twice to stand on the chair (or even the table!) to get the best shot of the breakfast scene.
And being able to fully immerse in the process without being distracted by everyday life, making powerful connection with your craft and being inspired by ideas that will transform not only the way you photograph but also how you run your business.




Is this getting you excited, my dear creative?
Then,what are you waiting for?
JOIN US! (The spaces are limited)


Head spinning with inspiration
Dancing with excitement
That light bulb switching on in your creative mind
A large number of AHA moments
Waving your comfort zone good-bye


  • CAMERA KNOW-HOW – We will show you how to take control of your DSLR and manipulate it based on the lighting conditions you are in. We will cover the best lenses, tripods, and other accessories that we use for food photography.
  • THE MAGIC OF NATURAL LIGHT – We believe that the magic really happens the moment you stop taking the pictures of your subject and start taking pictures of light. We will show you how to use this truly powerful and freely available tool in your photography to take your images to the next level.
  • DEFINE YOUR UNIQUE CREATIVE STYLE – Your style is your currency. We will help you unleash your potential and get to know the tools to help you build a cohesive portfolio that will make your work recognizable and unique.
  • EYE-CATCHING COMPOSITION, STYLING TIPS and PROP CHOOSING – We will walk you through how we compose and style food starting from the planning stages to prop choosing all the way to the execution. You will learn the edible techniques we use to make food look irresistible without making it looked “staged” or “fake”.
    We will also go into the details of how to create your own “prop capsule” that corresponds with your style to create magical photos without the need of a lot of expensive props.
  • STORYTELLING TIPS AND TRICKS – You will learn how to use light and styling techniques to tell your story while evoking emotions and creating a connection with your viewer. We will share how we incorporate our unique personalities into our images to create a relationship with our viewers.
  • EDITING – We call editing “the cherry on top”. We will show you how we use Adobe Lightroom to enhance your raw images and make them truly magical with live tethered demonstrations.
  • BUSINESS SIDE OF FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY – Whether you want to showcase your beautiful photos on your blog, social media channels, or in print, we want to make sure that your work gets the value it deserves. We will walk you through how to find work, build relationships, and negotiate as a freelance photographer and/or a stylist.

My partner in crime

Aysegul Sanford is a business woman and photographer extraordinaire and I can’t even tell you how delighted I am to partner with this incredible person for this workshop. A deep passion for  food and photography connected us couple of years back and since then we’ve spend HOURS chatting on Skype, sharing what we both learnt while working in food photography industry, talking about things that make our heart beat faster: from how where we come from influenced our love for food, through what we think makes a breath-taking food story, that grabs people attention, to how to thrive in the business we both love so much.


In addition to teaching and talking about everything food photography, the workshop will be a true Vermont experience where you get to dine, sleep, and learn in VT style.

Our host and friend, Mary, the owner of The Edible Green Mountains magazine, has partnered up with several local purveyors to allow you to fully experience this unique region.

The workshop will be held in Hill Farm Inn, a boutique hotel that was built 200 years ago. If you have ever been to Vermont, you are familiar with the beautiful New England style houses that have a lot of character. The luxurious rooms, gorgeous gardens, wrap-around porch, and restaurant, Hill Farm Inn is the epitome of Vermont style accommodations.

We will be teaching our workshop in their barn overlooking the Battenkill River and will spend the rest of our time outdoors enjoying the picturesque beauty of what this extraordinary surroundings have offers.

 Additionally, we will have other Vermont-based businesses ranging from dairy and cheese producers to maple farmers to restaurants to provide our guests with a true Vermont experience.

What’s Included:

Shared Room  $1700.00 (per person)
Single Room $1900.00

  • All classes in a small intimate setting
  • All accommodations
  • Welcome gift.
  • All food including 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts and 2 lunches in (and around) our beautiful inn –
    PS: There will be a lot of cheese 😉
  • Surprise Edible outings
  • Morning hikes around the barn
  • Hands on styling session with Aysegul and Bea by your side
  • One-on-one time with the photographer of your choice.

The closest airport is Albany International airport and it is 1 hour 30 minutes from Manchester.

Visit Edible Retreats’ site to book your spot. Spaces are limited.



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