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Apple pie porridge

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Of course I wasn’t going to come down with any nasty flu or cold this year..No way!Me and my buddy-vitamin C have been hanging out together since the summer finished.Since I know that you can never overdose on vitamin C, here I was drinking fresh orange juice in the morning, eating grapefruit with lunch,adding kiwi to salads and sipping hot lemon water all day long.I’ve been literally wired on lemon.I’ve also been eating spoonfuls of raw honey,pouring it into everything¬† and throwing handfuls of garlic into soups, stews and casseroles.Armed with all my natural antibiotics I knew I would sail through the Autumn and Winter as fit as a fiddle.There was one think I didn’t take into account-mutated man flu germs.Yes!Darek fell ill last week and was so generous he decided to share his germs with me.(Thanks darling!)I haven’t been poorly for a long time but I’m sure of one thing-Being ill sucks!

We’ve been living on a porridge for nearly a week and it’s when this recipe came handy.Apple pie porridge?Well, anything teamed up with apples,cinnamon and honey taste like apple pie,doesn’t it?

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serves 2


110g (1 1/4 cups) organic Scottish rolled oats(or your favourite)
300ml (1 1/4 cups) organic milk(any)
2 apples,peeled,cored and chopped
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 tablespoons honey


1.Place the oats in a saucepan and cover with milk.Bring it to a slow boil and simmer,stirring it all the time until it begins to thicken(around 5-7 minutes). If you prefer it runnier you may add more milk.

2.Place chopped apples in a different saucepan,add cinnamon and honey and cook until the apples are soft(around 5 minutes), stirring it from time to time.

3.Divide porridge between bowls and top up with apples or mix the apples in.Serve with nuts or raisins if you like.


NOTE:You can prepare this breakfast the night before,as it will thicken in a fridge, add 100ml (around 1/3 cups) milk and warm it up in a saucepan.

Enjoy x

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