Hello friends, old and new!

For the last three months I have been working on this deeply important personal project.

But really, the whole process started long before that, when I was stuck at home, in my bed for 6 weeks, just after my surgery (this is a story for another day). Just me, my thoughts, and no option of running away, although this was very much what I wanted to do at a time!

‘Sometimes when things are falling apart, they might actually be falling into place.’

Who am I right now? Where am I heading? What is important to me?
Of course, I had asked myself these things many times before, but I think the answers to these questions only appear when the time is right.
And this was it.

So what’s been happening over the last few months?

I didn’t have a ‘perfect’ plan in mind, and I didn’t feel ready to change anything, but I had an idea in my head and I wanted to shape it into something – into this website.

I spent days gathering all the inspiration I could, and early mornings writing all of my thoughts and reflections down.

I then teamed up with some incredible creatives to bring this project to life. Without them, none of this could have ever happened.
I chatted to Ideative, and asked them hundreds of questions. They patiently listened and, tucked away in their studio in Olsztyn, Poland, created this beautiful BLOG, and my new PORTFOLIO website.

I travelled to Bristol, to work in this (out of this world) studio, with this incredible woman – Kat, on something that felt way outside of my comfort zone – this VIDEO –  to ‘show you’ a piece of who I am.

I could not be happier, because this space makes me feel at home. It’s who I am.

Home can be many things, and it’ll mean something different to everyone.
To me, home has never been just a building or a room.

It’s always been about people. Two arms holding me tight. Heart to heart conversations. A warm smile. And a wagging tail.

It’s always been all about food.The house filled with the smell of mum’s freshly baked apple pie. Having fun cooking together.
A warm breakfast after a crisp morning walk. And a table set for family and friends to gather around.

It’s always been about creating, because that’s what brings me joy and what gives my life a meaning.

So what can you expect here, on the pages of this *new* blog?

I hope you will feel at home here.
Like we are having a heart to heart conversation over a cup of tea. (Putting my kettle on right now!)

I will be sharing my favourite FOOD with you. Cosy breakfast recipes. The heart-warming meals that I love to cook for my family and friends. Sweet cakes to make memories with.

You will also be able to find FOOD FOR THOUGHTS here in my journal.I will be taking you behind the scenes and talk about the projects I am working on and what I am learning along the way.I will be sharing my thoughts, ideas and inspiration around photography and running a creative business. I hope you’ll jump on this journey with me and share your thoughts and experiences too.

And my biggest dream is that what you’ll find on these pages will leave you inspired and help you feel at home with your creative self. #mypurpose

Dear friends, thank you for being here.

Sending you big, virtual hugs. Bea x

Ps. I will be sharing exclusive content for my email subscribers (as soon as I figure out the Mailchimp lol)  – think: tutorials, photography tips, behind the scenes, so make sure to pop up your name in the box at the end of this post, so that you don’t miss anything 🙂 Just saying 🙂


They say, it takes a village to write a book, it certainly takes a village to create a website.

Ideative. Thank you for creating websites that reflects me in 100%. I don’t know how you did it, but you read my mind.

Kat, you incredible soul! Thank you for making me feel comfortable on the other side of the camera and for bringing this video to life. I can’t wait to work with you again.

Silkie & Clem. Working in your studio was my ‘dream come true’ moment. Thank you for creating such an inspiring space!

Tahnee & Paul. For having my words ‘in check’. I can’t thank you enough!

Darek & Daisy.For making me feel at home. Always.I love you x

Portrait images – Kat
Food & space images – me