2nd Food & Lifestyle Bloggers CONFERENCE

Hosted by Christiann Koepke

When: January 2018

Where: online

ABOUT: Over the 4 Saturdays in January you will be able to stream the lessons from your favourite place – your home, studio, café, or even from your sofa – to learn from 7(!!!) incredible teachers from all over the world.

Already have plans, and can’t stream live? We got you covered! You can watch the recordings at your convenience!

As we enter the brand new year, we couldn’t be more excited to put this guide in your hands. Packed to the brim with all the important information about photography, blogging, branding and how to thrive in this beautiful (but crowded) industry, this conference is an investment in yourself, in your skills, in your business! Let’s make 2018 your year!

Let me introduce you to the all of the amazing INSTRUCTORS, although I am pretty sure you already know them!


Valentina Solfrini (Hortus Cuisine)

Christiann Koepke (Christian Koepke)

Ashley Rodrigues (Not without salt)

Jenn Lynch (Pinterest Strategist)

Melissa Megginson (Tailwind Marketing Manager)

Anne Sage (Anne Sage)

and ME J


12 HOT TOPICS (90 minutes each):

A beautiful mess – the art of capturing food moments
Finding and refining your voice
Instagram strategies to build buzz and grow loyal following
The gathering: the art of hosting memorable party
The strategies to get more work – and more importantly the work you love
Pinterest Optimization – How to optimize your account and boost your traffic
The power of styling with light
Branding – how I got there and lessons learnt
Decorate for the life you want and maximise your creative state
The power of Tailwind tribes: how to maximise your Pinterest efforts
Recipe development for publications
Tell a story: the power of post processing

More about my subject!

The strategies to get more work – and more importantly the work you love.

Why am I so excited about my topic?

I know how much you love what you do! How passionate you are about photography, food, blogging and being in this industry. And your dream is to turn this oozing passion into a full time career. However, you feel invisible, not heard, lost, overwhelmed, and you have no idea where to start to get noticed.

How do I know? Because that’s exactly how I felt when I first started.

They do say that when you give advice to people it’s like you are talking to your younger self, and this is so true – I’ll be sharing all the things I wish I knew when I first started, and what I learnt along the way! I am sooooo thrilled to be a part of your journey!

Interested? Would you like to hear more details? I would love you to join us!

Follow this link to our host’s page!

The Photography Show – Birmingham

WHEN: 18th March 2018   2pm-2.30pm


The first time EVER that food photography is making an appearance at the stage of THE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW! Wooo hooo! I couldn’t be more excited!

My amazing friend Donna and I will be talking all things food photography and Instagram related!

We all have to agree that Instagram, with 800 million active users monthly(!!!), is a place to be to show off your work if you want to grow your food photography business and attract more clients. However, sharing your work on a platform that is constantly changing and is full to the brim with competition can be a little (or very!) overwhelming. But we are here to help!


All the Instagram secrets you need to know, because we believe in sharing what we’ve learnt along the way.

How to stand out? How to use hashtags and understand algorithms? How to share your images and get noticed? These might just be some of the questions that are bothering you, and we are here to answer them all!

DETAILS: To book your spot head over to The Phototgraphy Show website.

If you are planning to be there, please come and say HI, I’d love to meet you!


London storytelling & photography WORKSHOP at Rye – RECAP

When: OCTOBER 2017

Where: The gorgeous Rye studio, run by Holly Wulff and her coordinator
Erika Raxworthy.

Focus: Telling a beautiful food story through styling and composition
The secrets of lightroom editing
Blogging, business, and branding tips

About the day:

Eva and I spent the day before, preparing the food for the workshop and cooking up a storm in my small (but cosy!) kitchen.
The roasted squash and bean stew was bubbling on the stove for couple of hours, while in the meantime we baked Eva’s AMAZING pear and lemon mini cakes. The kind of food that tastes so amazing that its flavour is impossible to forget. In fact, ever since this day, it is my favourite cake! The recipe is on Eva’s blog and trust me – you WANT to make it.

We set off to London before the sun rose to start the workshop preparation. The Rye is one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever worked at! You can feel the breeze of fresh air, inspiration and creativity as soon as you walk through the door. And the beautiful Nordic design will make your jaw drop. Literally. It really is that stunning!

As Eva and I were preparing the table and the welcome gifts for our attendees, Erica picked the most delicious cinnamon and cardamom buns from Fabrique, which would be waiting for everyone as they arrived. (If you are ever in London – Fabrigue bakery is a must try!)

We had the most amazing bunch of people joining us. So eager to learn, full of energy and soooo curious!
Thank you so much : DerekAna-Marija, Sandra, Sarah, Natasha, Shyamala, Pia, Amanda, Donna, Louise for making this day so INCREDIBLE.

It was a chilly and overcast autumnal morning, and we started the day with an introduction and telling stories of what brought us all together. I am a huge believer that everything happens for a reason and there was a magical spirit floating around that I really can’t explain in words. We had never met before, we all came from different parts of the world, and here we were together, connected by the same passion for food, and suddenly we all felt like a bunch of old friends.

Eva and I talked about our approach to photography and what, in our eyes, makes a good food story, which was followed by the practical, hands-on food styling and compositional session.

The great thing about attending a workshop with more than one teacher is that you can see photography from different perspectives. Eva and I admire each other’s work but we do work differently – and this is so great, because we both believe that there isn’t a right or wrong way to do photography, there is only ‘your way’ – which you always have to embrace.

After the behind the scenes of creating an eye catching image, we sat together around a big table to enjoy the delicious lunch – the comforting stew from Eva’s recipe – one of the best I have ever tasted, served with a seasonal apple and pomegranate salad and some rustic bread. We chatted, laughed, and couldn’t stop talking about photography – it was like a wild brainstorm of like-minded creatives.

Soon after, we got into a conversation about blogging, branding, and business. There were so many great questions asked and I must admit, these are always my favourite conversations.

This buzzing chatter was followed by detailed Lightroom demo and the Q & A session.

One of those days you just never want to end.

HUGE THANK YOU TO THE PARTICIPANTS: DerekAna-Marija, Sandra, Sarah, Natasha, Shyamala, Pia, Amanda, Donna, Louise.
Your energy guys was infectious!

EVA, THANK YOU! It was an honour to stand by your side to deliver this workshop. I always learn so much from you!
Miss you my friend xxx