3 August 2014 / 1 Comment

Strawberry(layered) MILKSHAKE with coconut milk

Oh dear strawberries I’m going to miss you! Can’t wait to see you next year! I wish some of the months were a little bit(ok, a lot!) longer, I love July, but as it’s gone and forgotten, my favourite fruit is also on the verge of extinction.*sad face*
As a smoothie queen I do experiment with my blender quite a lot 🙂 To celebrate my last, beloved strawberries I thought it will be nice to try something different. A milkshake!!!A COCONUT MILKSHAKE with a strawberry mousse.You obviously make it as any other smoothie 🙂 but it is extremely creamy.




1 tin coconut milk(400g) – I love organic KINGFISHER
450g strawberries
1tbsp (or more) honey


Blend coconut milk with 300g strawberries until smooth. Remove from the blender and blend 150g strawberries with the remaining smoothie.Pour the mousse into glasses first and top it up with a smoothie.Mniam,mnam,mniam 🙂

If your blender(like mine) is not very powerful if might be worth squashing strawberries for the mousse with the fork. It will be much easier to blend them.

1 Comment

  1. Odkąd posiadam Vitamixa, miksuję każdego dnia:-), zupy, pasty i koktajle rozmaite:-). Połączenie truskawki i kokosa jest mi dobrze znane dlatego wiem o czym piszesz:-), pysznie kremowy napój:-) a do tego jaki piękny!

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