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Blueberry, lemon and coconut MILKSHAKE

Have you got a favourite flavour mix?A combination of ingredients you just can’t resist?When I asked Darek about his, I already had his answer in my head – he just loves strawberry and white chocolate combination.It can be anything – Eaton Mess with lots of strawberries, white chocolate bits and meringue on the top of it. His eyes always widen when he sees strawberry and  white chocolate muffins and he could dunk(and eat) strawberries in a white chocolate sauce all day long.I know him well.We’d been together 10 years, married for 4… Who would know him better?Although the answer was obvious I still decided to throw the question……he was thinking for a bit and totally certain he says ”It’s steak and black pepper”. STEAK AND BLACK PEPPER!!!!!!????I obviously didn’t expect that coming…. :O

I would love to get to know your ”crazy” flavour combinations 🙂 I definitely don’t share my husband’s excitement about steak and black pepper ”flavours”.Lately I’ve been in love with  blueberries, lemon and coconut.And everything made from these ingredients.

RECIPE FOR A (another) MILKSHAKE with blueberries,coconut and lemon :



1 tin coconut milk(400g) – I love organic KINGFISHER
350g blueberries
fresh juice squeezed from half of lemon
1tbsp (or more) honey


Blend coconut milk with 200g blueberries, lemon juice and honey until smooth. Remove from the blender and blend 150g blueberries with the remaining smoothie.Pour the blueberry mousse into the glasses first and top it up with a smoothie.

If your blender(like mine grrrrrr ;/) is not very powerful if might be worth squashing blueberries for a mousse with the fork. It will be much easier to blend them.


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