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SOLD OUT’A Magic of styling’ one day Food Photography Workshop/ Bristol



Grab the ticket quick -the last workshop sold out in less than 2 hours

Unlock the magic of your food photography style & create jaw-droppingly gorgeous images that will stand out from the crowd & connect your audience with your unique story.

Yes, YOU!

Your eyes sparkle every time you hear anything ‘food photography’ related and you could spend all day next to the window, photographing every angle of your favourite cake. (Even if your friends don’t get it!) It’s what you LOVE.

But you know that AS A PHOTOGRAPHER YOUR STYLE IS YOUR CURRENCY, it’s what sets you apart, what makes your work recognizable and what wins the clients, and this is something you are ready to focus on. You also know that the difference between a good photograph and the one that grabs people’s attention every time – is hidden in the details, so you want to push your comfort zone, take your food photography to the next level, and learn the secrets of styling that will take your images up a notch.

This workshop is for you if:

*you feel that your images lack that ‘special something’ and are ‘invisible’ among others
*you want to create images that are recognizable as ‘yours’
*you are curious to learn how to style the food so it looks like a showstopper every time
*you want to create images that will make people stop as they scroll down their Instagram feed
*you are confused what backgrounds, props and colours work best for the food you are about to shoot
*you are stuck and keep repeating the same photography set up over and over again

I can relate – I faced the same challenges! And in this class I’ll share the tips and tricks that I’ve learnt from the years of working as a professional food photographer & stylist.

If this gets you excited, my lovely creative, then join me for this inspirational 1-DAY WORKSHOP designed to help you find *your magic* and give you the confidence to create images that you are proud off.


Learn how to define and own your creative style. Unleash your potential and get to know the tools to help you build a cohesive portfolio and make your work recognizable.

Learn how to tell the story that will connect the viewer with your photography and evoke emotions. You don’t want people to ‘see’ your images, you want people to ‘feel’ them.

Learn how to bring your photos to life and to evoke that feeling ‘as if your viewer was there just about to grab the food’.
Learn how to make the food look irresistible in your images, all with ‘edible’ methods
Uncover the power of colour theory.
Learn how to build a prop capsule without spending a fortune.

Workshop details.

Price: £245 early bird, £285 full price, (early bird from 19th April – 26th April 2018)
Date: Saturday 7th July2018.
Location: The Forge Bristol, Bristol
Time: 10.30am – 3.30pm


  • Hands-on styling demonstrations
  • Guided assistance to help you find your unique style
  • Small intimate class size
  • Lunch with passionate creatives
  • Live Q + A
  • Workshop course notes
  • One 30 minute skype session to get feedback on your new styling skills

Make sure you grab your ticket quick – last workshop SOLD OUT in less than 2 HOURS


Open to beginner and hobbyist through to semi-pro photographers.

What to bring.

Please bring a DSLR camera, lens(es) and a tripod (optional). A notepad to take notes, your creativity and a smile!

Refund Policy:

No refunds are available after booking unless you can find someone to fill your space. This event is capped at 9 attendees. Be sure to register quickly to secure your spot! The event will proceed only if 7  participants or more are registered. Travel is not included. If you intend to travel to this workshop, please wait until the minimum number of enrolments has occurred. In the even the workshop doesn’t go ahead, we will contact you to arrange an alternative solution. By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to these terms.

Got questions? Email me!

If you have a question about if this workshop is for you, please don’t hesitate to contact either Bea or Rachel. We’d be glad to hear from you.


The Forge Bristol is one of the most beautiful studios I have ever worked in. You can feel the inspiration as soon as you walk in to this space. The light in there will make you jump with excitement to grab a camera and shoot all day.

I can’t wait to see you there.

Bea xx

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